Wednesday, 23 December 2009


It seems to be a jellyfish. Attached to the head of a great dane. With string.


It has fangs. And it looks angry. Are you terrified yet?


I've finally discovered how snakes are born. They grow from gloves.


Let me tell you why one never sees a flying giraffe. Once they get into the air, well, they fade into clouds. And that's the truth.


It has been long disputed what noise a giraffe makes. However, I am fairly certain that this one is capable of a rousing
Can't you tell?


Run Raffi run!
Run from the mocking commentary, don't let it catch you!
"You only have two legs"
WHAMM. Too late, it caught you.


The three legged llama. Is that a seventies dance move?


Twenty seconds. Twenty seconds and this was all that he was able to get done. Giraffes are not gowns, they cannot and should not be backless.
Other options; Hopefully this will cause him to not be so shy and to grow a backbone. Geddit? Backbone? GEDDIT?


It doesn't need legs. The hooves are the only part that do anything anyway.


It thinks that it's all "edgy" because it's just a face. But I know that it's just posing that way to distract us all from the fact that it is a cow. It is most definitely a cow.


Yeah, his legs melted together. Got a problem with that?


It as the power to grow a cape from its neck. It even has a theme song;
"He can grow a cape,
You can't grow a cape.
But he can grow a cape.
Yeah, Yeah, Super Giraffe... yeah"


Thought Process;
"What goes between ears and a neck?
Argh! Panic! Panic.
There mustn't be anything, I'm overthinking it.
And... Done! Wait-


He either fell into a rose bush, bought if off etsy.


Sometimes Camels try to disguise themselves as giraffes, but there's no fooling me.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Move along folks, just a deformed seahorse, nothing to see here.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Happy Saturday!

Thought Process;
Almost done, just need to fix the leg
Forget the leg, the necks must be longer!
I can do the leg afterwards, now to extend the neck
Oh hell, no time to do the leg!

Friday, 4 December 2009


In honour of giraffes featuring on QI, I present to you the most clever and fancy giraffe there is.

Fashion tip; Top hats elongate necks.


You know, I could phychoanalyse this and say that the drawer is awkward in social situations, but it's really just a giraffe hiding behind a tree.

And with this I conclude the first Things are not what they seem, Hope to see you again, oddraffe.


Things are not what they seem, post 2 of 3

A giraffe going past a window. You may be surprised to know that this did not take the entire twenty seconds to draw. No, it was done quickly. The same way the giraffe passed the window. Quickly. Yeah, I made a relation between the two. How cool am I?


For the next three posts i'll be showcasing the "things are not what they seem" giraffes. These are the giraffes shown by the suspicious who think that there must be something more to draw than a simple giraffe.
We'll start with a classic.

"A giraffe? In twenty seconds? There must be some catch...I KNOW!"
There you have it folks. A giraffe. In twenty seconds. Or a giraffe at twenty past twelve. You be the judge.